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At bordbar, the primary language has always been design-driven.

For more than 14 years now, this universal dialect has allowed us to communicate our values to the people who share the same as we do.

These values - of timeless design, self-driven craftmanship and the highest possible quality incentive are deeply ingrained with our bordbar family,

culture and in our whole products-series. bordbar - crafting genuine interior-trolleys since 2006.

rivet rocker_new

The rivet rocker_new edition stands for passion for detail.

Inspired by aviation legends such as the DC-3, the rivet rocker is the embodiment of this spirit.

The combination of polished stainless-steel sheets, silver anodised frames and over 500 rivets lend this edition its unique characteristics.

機上推車 ATLAS-Norm,無飛行紀錄
原料 銀處理的鋁,拋光處理的不銹鋼
外觀尺寸 (H/ W/ D): 103 / 30.1 / 40.4 cm
淨重 19 kg
鉸鏈 左側(不可更換方向)
轉輪 TENTE製造的高品質雙輪